What’s Time For?

Time Management on RobbyMcSmall.com Time for bed.
Time to eat.
Time to wash up.
Time to go to school.

Late for school.
Late to wash up.
Late for dinner.
Late to bed.

Homework’s late, again!
What time is it?

Sometimes it seems like the only purpose of time is to get us in trouble.

The truth is, time is the reason most things get done at all.

Time, or more specifically, a deadline is what gets us off our butt to do what needs to be done. We’re all lazy. Not our fault…nature made us that way. To conserve energy. So left to our own, with no deadline or nothing that NEEDS to be done, we do nothing.

That’s why most projects or tasks never get done until just before they have to. At the last minute.

I admit it…sometimes I’m doing my homework on the way to school because I forgot about it. It had no deadline because it was not on my mind at all.

Next time you find yourself putting something off because you really don’t want to do it (like calling your aunts and uncles and grandma to thank them for a gift you received)or (taking out the garbage) or (cutting the grass) or (cleaning your room) try setting a deadline. Then stick to it.

You can even make a game of it. Where you try to beat the clock and get it done as fast as possible.

It’s a great way to develop discipline and get more done than everyone else you know.

My dad always says, “you can have discipline or regret.”

Set a deadline and git-r-done! Other’s will be in awe of your ability.

Robby out…’cause I have to finish my homework before 8pm today.

Firm deadlines are the key to getting more done.
Like Nike says…Just Do It!

P.S. If you’re gonna order some posters or custom art work, now is the time. Set a deadline. Here’s the link:

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