Uncle Sam Recruiting Children at http://robbymcsmall.com

at Kids.gov

The government is looking for you kids!

No…not to join the military or anything like that.

They want to give you FREE STUFF!

All kinds of free stuff. Well, free to you.

Your parents actually paid for it with their tax dollars.

Here’s how I found out about all this FREE STUFF…

During the presidential election last year in November, we had to do a project on how the President gets to be the president. You know, how the whole election thing works.

So while searching online, I found this FREE poster that the government was giving away on how the President gets into office.

Or…what you would have to do to become president!

Personally, I think they just weren’t happy that the only two choices were Romney or Obama…so they wanted to get this poster out so they could have better choices in the future.

But what do I know? I’m just a kid!

Anyway… you can get this FREE POSTER on the governments own website, Kids.gov

The direct link to the poster is at:  http://kids.usa.gov/president/index.shtml

But at kids.gov they have all sorts of stuff for kids, broken down by age groups.

They have KIDS Grades K-5.

They have TEENS Grade 6-8.

They even have a section for Grown-ups, Teachers and Parents.

Uncle Sam wants You Kids!

And they’re willing to pass out FREE STUFF to get you!

Here’s something I learned about the government…

They have tons of FREE STUFF…especially information.

And they are willing to give it to you for FREE.

BUT…and this is a big BUT…they are terrible at telling people what they have!

Unlike a store that advertises heavily to get your attention, to get your business the government does none of that. If you ask they will give. But if you don’t come to them, or don’t know to come to them, they will never seek you out.

YOU HAVE TO ASK…or at least go to one of their many websites and search for what you need.

Here’s a tip…any website with a .gov extension, like kids.gov is a government run website where you can probably find a FREE something.

I guess the government wants to teach you a great life lesson…

If you want something, you have to ASK for it.

Uncle Sam wants you…to have FREE stuff.

So go get it!

Robby “Marketer for the GOV” out.


P.S. We’re waiting for a big winter storm to hit tomorrow. Blizzard like. Keep your fingers crossed that it will come early and in time for them to close the schools. I love getting Friday’s off…Can you say “LONG WEEKEND!” Wish me luck!




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