Top Ten Kid Movie Scenes

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Gotta Love Movies!

Iron Giant: about a boy who discovers a robot (iron giant) that crashes on Earth. My favorite scene is when the robot jumps into the lake and his friend is sitting in the chair and the wave washes over the guy and you see him twisting around under the water, seemingly glued to his chair.

Brother Bear: About a man who turns into a bear in Alaska. My favorite scene is where the bear is trying to convince the two mooses that he is a man, not a bear. “Crazy” says the moose. I love all the moose scenes.

The Princess and the Frog: About a poor girl trying to work hard to fulfill her dream. Set in New Orleans with voodoo, talisman, black magic and lots of great Cajun characters. ┬áMy favorite scene is when Prince Naveen of Maldonia, who has been turned into a frog, is in a boat trying to escape from three idiot fisherman. Also…any scene with the firefly Ray.

Finding Nemo: About a small fish who gets captured by a human and his father’s long journey to free him. I love the scene where the pelican flies into the dentists window and all goes crazy inside.

Ratatouille: About a rat in Paris, Remy, who becomes a famous Chef. I love the scene where he is up on the roof and gets the brilliant idea to use lightening to cook his food. Shocking!

Whoa…it’s getting late!

Look for the remaining 5 top movies scenes tomorrow!

Robby out!

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