TOP TEN COOL KILLERS at http://robbymcsmall.comSeems there is often a very fine line between cool and not cool.

Often, just one little tiny thing can rob you of your cool in an instant.

That’s what I’m talking about today.

Cool Killers.

1. Your zipper is down dude! I don’t care how cool you were feeling today, once you figure out your pants are unzipped, it’s over. Hopefully you figure it out on your own, but if someone else has to tell you, that’s doubly bad. If a lady has to tell you, or worse just points and laughs, well…I gotta be honest…your coolness may never return.

2. When you look in the mirror and realize you have some big smear on your face. Maybe it’s food. Maybe it’s dirt. Maybe you don’t know what it is. Then you try to think back on exactly when you got it on there and how many people saw it since then, but didn’t tell you.

3. You’re getting yelled at for something stupid you did do or something smart you didn’t do. Anytime you’re made to feel stupid…that’s a cool killer.

4. When you go to your friend’s house, and they have a dog, and their dumb dog keeps poking at your crotch with his nose. Doubly bad if it’s a girls house.

5. When you trip. That’s a cool killer every time. You can try all you want to make it look like you were just starting to run and then stopped, but everyone knows you tripped – and that’s funny. Bye-bye cool.

6. When you drop or drip a big sloppy something on your clothes. Could be food or drink or whatever. If you have to walk around with a stain now, not cool dude.

7. When a stupid bird poops on you. Totally random, not your fault at all and yet your cool is totally robbed.

8. When you make the baby cry. Could be your younger brother or sister, maybe a friend’s baby. Doesn’t matter. Anytime you make the baby cry your cred goes out the window. It’s never cool.

9. When you try to impress someone by doing something you’ve never done before. “Oh yeah, I can do that, that’s easy. Watch this!” And then you screw it up.

10. Falling…always a killer. You fall off your bike…cool gone! You fall off your chair…done! You trip (see #5) AND fall…doubly bad. Unless you fall off a cliff wrestling a lion, you’ll can’t be cool, falling.

Robby “been there, done that” out for now!

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