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Don't Be Scared...Gotcha Covered Bro!

Today’s the day…

The dreaded Oral Report is due.

Don’t you hate when you have to get up in front of the whole class and present something!

Me too.

I get all nervous and jittery, I sometimes feel like I’m going to throw up!

But I found a way to fix all that.

I found a way to feel confident when I have to give a presentation.

Do you want to know how?

Cool. I thought you might.

I do a couple things.

FIRST: I practice. I know, I know. It’s schoolwork and we hate to spend any extra time on that. But if sure beats barfing at your desk!

You wouldn’t play sports well unless you practiced. Or the piano. Or guitar. You can’t perform anything well if you don’t practice. Speaking to the class is really a performance. So you gotta practice.

You don’t even need an audience if you don’t want. But if you do want to run it past your parents, friends, or brothers or sisters, just make sure they understand that you don’t want CRITICISM. None at all.

You just want them to sit and listen. Period. That’s it. End of story.

Fear of being criticized is what makes us NOT want to open our mouth in the first place. If they won’t NOT CRITICIZE, or you suspect they won’t be helpful, forget them, you don’t need them.

Just practice before a mirror.

Whatever you do, just practice.

This does TWO things:

1. It helps you know the material better, and when you really know what you are talking about…

2. You are confident. You feel confident and that will really help with the nerves.

Think about it…

When someone asks you a question about dogs, are you nervous?

NO…you could talk for hours about dogs without any script. Because you KNOW all about dogs. You feel confident in your ability to talk about dogs.

Maybe it’s not dogs for you. Maybe it’s cats, or baseball, or football, or drawing, or computer games, or skateboarding.

Whatever…we all know something really well. And when we know it well, we’re confident talking about.

Same deal with your report.

Practice it. Know your material.

When you do…you’ll be so much more confident when you present your report to the class.

Oh yeah…wanna know what my report is?

We had to create an original story. A tall tale they call it.

Mine is called: “Robby McSmall and the Very Scary Day”

I’ll post it after I give the report. Watch for it.

So to recap:

FIRST: You Practice

SECOND: You feel Confident.

Try it next time, I think you’ll like how it feels. You might even get hooked on speaking to a crowd and become our next President!

Robby ‘Tellin’ a Scary Story” McSmall…out for school!

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll feel feel a tad bit nervous just before they call your name, that’s normal. All the great performers feel this way. It’s more excitement though than nervousness. But it’s no where near the kind of blowing chunks nervous you felt before. This works! Try it.

There’s a song in Lion King, Scar sings it I think, where it goes…


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