Booger Fans

My finger went up in my nose,
To get something green I suppose.
But when it came out,
My brother did shout,
“You really are gross and it shows.”

So I flicked the big booger on him.
Not planned, it was just on a whim.
He screamed like a girl
in a voice that would curl,
Til my mom came in looking all grim.

“What’s going on in this room here”,
A spanking was my biggest fear.
So he ratted me out,
And I started to pout,
But my mom she was really a dear.

“Your finger is not a retriever.
Your brother is not a receiver.
Boogers are icky
all slimy and sticky
and covered in germs that cause fever.”

“Don’t flick them, and don’t eat them either.
And don’t turn them hard in the freezer.
So just say you’re sorry,
the end of the story.”
She’s so nice you just gotta pleaser.

But my brother had made other plans,
Lining up six or ten little fans.
As mom said good bye,
Oh the boogers did fly
And covered me green, like spray tans.

Then we called out a truce him and I,
As I peeled the last bit from my eye.
But both of us knew
that we’re really not true
And when bedtime comes,

boogers will fly!

I got some of this on video, but they cut me off before I could finish. Guess you gotta pay for longer time and my dad says that’s not gonna happen! So if you didn’t see the video you should. It’s funny. Look on my video page. Or check it on Youtube, just search for Robby McSmall. They know me there.

If you came here because you saw the video first and did what it said…THANK YOU!

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