Punch Buggies Everywhere I Look…No Punchbacks!

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Blue Punch Bug, No Punchbacks!

“Blue Punch Buggie..No Punch Backs!”

Don’t you just love that game?

It’s fun trying to spot the next Punch Buggie, and punch your brother before he gets you.

I must admit, I’m pretty good at it.

But you know what I noticed lately?

Whenever we get started playing, I see a lot of Punch Bugs.

But when we’re not playing, I hardly see any.

Strange right?

Turns out, not so strange.

It seems this is a normal human thing. We tend to block out most of the world, most of the time, and we only notice what our mind is thinking about.

If you think about Punch Bugs, you see Punch Bugs.

If you think about red cars, you’ll see lots of red cars.

But if you’re thinking about red cars and someone asks you how many gray cars you’ve seen, you’ll say none.

Because you didn’t “see” any, even though it’s one of the most common car colors.

I put “see” in quotation marks because you really did SEE them with your eyes, it was only your BRAIN that did not record or remember you seeing them because it was focusing on noticing and remembering red cars. Because that’s what you told it to do.

Kinda cool to think that you can control your brain that way.

It works on your ears too. Like if you’re watching a good TV show and your mom yells for you. But you don’t “hear her”.

See what I did there? I put “hear” in quotations because your ears DID hear her, only your brain didn’t think to tell you because you were concentrating on your show.

Turns out, my dad knows a lot about this.

He says, there are all sorts of books about this. All the smart and successful people have said that whatever you focus on you get (or find) more of.

So if you focus or think about all the bad stuff that seems to be happening to you, you’ll get (or find) more of it.

BUT…if you focus or think about all the good stuff, you get more of that.

Way cool!

I’m gonna start thinking about all the good stuff, all the blessings in my life.

So I can get more!

Right now I’m thinking about my good readers like you…So I can get more.

Tell your friends, OK?

Robby “Gonna Look for More Punch Buggies on the Way to School” McSmall saying…OUT for now!




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