SEQUESTER: The Washington Mess at http://robbymcsmall.comPrepare to meet your DOOM!

It seems like that’s the message from Washington these days. It’s all over the news how both sides can’t seem to agree on a plan.

Apparently, instead of a plan, we get SEQUESTER.

Sequester is defined as:

n. A general cut in government spending.

This is different from what both sides want, which is a plan to cut specific spending. In other words, it’s like eliminating all the vegetables from your dinner plate, instead of just the ones you don’t like.

I think the forced spending cuts are good. Since all the parties in Washington can’t agree on what to do, mom (the sequester) will decide for them.

That’s a plan that always works here at home.

Whenever my brother and I get to fighting over whether we are going to Burger King or to McDonalds, if we can’t decide peacefully, then mom always says that we go nowhere. We just go home. That’s like a forced spending cut for her because she doesn’t have to buy us dinner.

Oh, oh. Help me out here.

On a similar note, I also heard on the news from our new Secretary of State John Kerry, that we are pledging $60 million dollars to help some group in Syria.

The U.S., who is looking at putting American workers out of a job, and cutting services to it’s own citizens, is going to GIVE (not lend) Syria $60 million dollars.

Why don’t we just NOT give them the money, and help ourselves here at home?

My dad says that’s like telling your kids they’ll have to skip dinner tonight because you need to give your neighbor $60 so he can go by ammo to shoot skeet on the weekend.


Well, I’m just a kid so this government thing is kinda confusing.

Hope it gets easier in high school.

Not so sure. All these government “leaders” have fancy college degrees and they seem to be struggling with it too.

Good luck everyone. Hope you don’t get caught up in the sequester.

If it will help, I’d be willing to stay home from school a while so they won’t have to pay the teachers.

Deal? Somebody get Obama on the horn.

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