Nobody Will Listen To Me!

Nobody Will Listen To Me at

Go Ahead, I'm Listening.

Ever get theĀ  feeling no one is listening to you?

They don’t believe you?

They don’t understand you?

They always want to have things “THEIR WAY”?

They just don’t care what think?

That makes us feel bad inside, right?

We all want to be heard, be listened to.

It’s a big part of what makes us feel important. Like we have value.

Problem is…everyone want to be heard, nobody wants to listen.

How about this…when you are introduced to someone, you hear their name but you instantly forget it – because you are waiting for them to hear YOUR name.

We all love to hear our name.

It sounds so much better when someone says, “Hi Robby!” rather than just “Hi!”

But how often do we remember to add someones name to our greeting? It’s such a small thing but makes the other person feel so much better. It’s personal. You and you alone can now own that greeting because it was customized, for you.

Be sure to add someone’s name (and a big smile) whenever you greet them. Just watch how fast people come to like you.

I have a cup at home with my name on it and it’s my favorite cup BECAUSE it has my name on it. I own it. It’s for me. It makes me feel important.

Sorry…I drifted off there. We were talking about you.

So how do you get people to listen to you?

Well, it starts unfortunately, by listening to the other person.

When you show that you care and respect the other person they are so much more willing to listen to you. Everyone likes to be asked, “So, what do YOU think about that?” And when you ask that, they will be happy to tell you…then they’ll stop and it’s your turn.

By caring and respecting the other person first, they are far more likely to return the favor and give you the respect and recognition you want.

My dad says, “There is a reason you have two ears and only one mouth. You should listen twice as much as you talk.”

It’s hard sometimes. Sometimes it seems everyone wants to talk but no one wants to listen. Especially to you.

But I bet you’ll find, if you practice giving your ear before expecting to get someone else to give you theirs, you will find a lot more opportunities to be heard.

But lets face it. Some people love to hog all the attention. Some people never shut up and always demand to have things their way.

It’s hard to change people. But you can always find new people to hang out. Especially once they find out what a good listener you are.

There are over a BILLION people on this planet. Probably hundreds in your school and dozens in your neighborhood. Don’t feel like you have to be stuck with losers, attention hogs, ego freaks, bullies or anyone else who makes you feel bad.

If your friends won’t change…change your friends.

Dale Carnegie, a famous people person once said, “You can win more friends by being a good listener than you can by being a good talker.” Or something like that.

The comment box below is wide open too…I’m listening. (sorry for stealing that Frazier)

Tell me anything you want. Rant. Rave. Ask advice. If I can help you I will and I promise to read (listen to) every comment you write.

Robby out.

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