Awkward When You Like the New Girl at School at

It's Not Cool to Drool

The new kid at school sat at our lunch table today.

Oh yeah, did I mention she’s a girl?

Well she is. She’s in a couple of my classes and I’ve talked to her a little bit. She’s pretty cool. Real friendly.

Then today, as I enter the cafeteria, I see she’s sitting at my usual table, right between Spikey and Pete.

Problem is, Spikey is sitting in my seat. When I ask him to move he says, “No, just go sit down there next to Pete”.

Not wanting to make a big scene in front of the new girl, I do it. But I’m not happy. One, because Spikey’s in my seat and two, because I kinda wanted to sit next to Jean, she’s the new girl.

So when I get to the other seat, I quietly ask Pete if he wants to switch seats.

Now they’re both giving me dirty looks. Awkward!

Meanwhile, Jean’s giving me this look and I can tell she’s feeling kinda weird too.

So rather than make this any worse, I just sit and eat my lunch. It turned out OK. Everyone got along fine and we had some good laughs. We all learned a lot about her. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m gonna try to get to the cafeteria earlier next time so I can get my seat back.

I think it’s strange that girls make you act different. If it was a new GUY that was sitting at the table, I would have just punched Spikey hard in the arm until he moved out of my seat.

Girls make you feel different, like you should have manners or something. Maybe it’s just me?

Anyway, I hope she sits at our table again. It was kinda cool.

Awkward, but cool.

OK, nuff said on that.

Robby out!

P.S. I gotta tell you about this. But keep it secret because it’s weird. So as we’re waiting for the bus at the end of the day (we take different buses) she starts telling me about this Kindle book her older sister just got. It’s called First Kiss, (something something) and then her bus comes and she never finishes the story. Isn’t that weird? Why would she start telling ME about some kissing book? OMG! Do you think she likes me?




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