Ichy, Gross, and Bloody

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Mosquito Has Answer

Look away now if you’re squeamish.

Look away!

Unless you want to make a gazillion dollars!

So I wake up, I’m lying in bed, thinking about what I’m going to do today. This is back in the summer, but I just thought of it again now.

OK, so I’m thinking about baseball, playing with my friends, maybe going swimming.

When all of a sudden I get this major itch on my arm. So, of course, I scratch it.

Well the more I scratch it, the better it feels. In fact, when I stop scratching it, it hurts more. I can’t stop.

It’s starting to get a bump now, and it itches so bad. Oh, sure…it’s a mosquito bite! Why do these things itch so bad?

Well I guess the real story is those nasty buggers inject some sort of itch poison into you as they suck your blood. It causes some allergic reaction where they bite. Luckily, not enough to kill us, just to let us know they were there. Like a diabolic calling card.

So I don’t know what made me think of that today, but I did.

And here’s where this going. I started to wonder, and I thought it strange, that we could actually scratch ourselves so hard when we get a mosquito bite, or any other itch, that we start to bleed. We actually cause ourself to bleed.

But the strange part to me was…it actually feels good at the time. In fact, it hurts to stop. We make ourselves bleed and it feel good to do it.

But…now here’s the strange part. If we had to cause ourselves to bleed on purpose, like cut ourselves, or bite ourselves, most of us couldn’t do it.

So then I thought…REVELATION TIME...What if instead of having to use anesthesia, doctors could somehow use a chemical like the mosquito uses so that it would actually feel good to be cut.

People would look forward to surgery!

And how about dentists? They could use it to so it would actually feel good to have your teeth scraped.

Right? I’m onto something here.

Or maybe not. I’m just a kid.

But if you want to get really rich and be really famous, maybe you can grow up to be a doctor or chemist and use this idea to launch your career and serve mankind.

If you do, maybe you’ll send me a couple bucks, or at least drop my name once or twice. Say I inspired you.

Anyway, did you ever think of something that might change the world but you were too small to do anything about?

Leave a note in the comments below. Maybe someone will read it and be inspired. Maybe they’ll send you a couple bucks?

Think about it. Everything you see around you once started as a dream or crazy idea in someone’s head. Why not you? Why not your idea?

You’re the best…thanks for coming.

Robby out…I got some thinkin’ to do!


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