I Mustache You A Question

Mustache You A Question by http://robbymcsmall.com

I Mustache You A Question

I mustache you a question…

Aren’t these things cool?

These mustache things crack me up!

I was at the mall yesterday and I saw all sorts of  mustache things.

I saw mustaches on Hello Kitty, on My Little Ponies. I saw mustaches all by themselves on tee-shirts and toys.

You could buy mustaches to wear.

You could buy sunglasses with mustaches attached.

All kinds of people are making big bucks off of this mustache thing.

I love it! It cracks me up.

I especially like that line, “I mustache you a question.”

How do you like my mustache? Is it big enough?

I’m curious where this whole thing got started.

How does any trend get started?

Who said, “OK…now mustaches are going to be cool.” “You wanna be cool, you buy mustache stuff.”

If you know, please let me know in the comments below.

If you don’t know, that’s OK. Just tell me whether you are FOR or AGAINST this whole mustache thing.


Robby ” Got a Big ‘Stache’ Goin” McSmall out for now.

P.S. This mustache makes me gotta sneeze! Gross!  That reminds me…did you ever see my booger video? If not, check it out it’s funny! CLICK HERE to SEE the BOOGER FIGHT CARTOON VIDEO


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