How to Get Rid of Bugs Fast – But Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

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Kill Bugs Safely

Do you hate bugs?

I do.

Here in the winter, the only really pesky bugs are the spiders we find inside. We have a zero tolerance policy for spiders inside; if we see one, we kill it.

That’s because one spider can lay likeĀ  100 eggs at a time in those little silk sacks. Better to kill one spider now than chase 100 later.

One time, when I went in to take a shower, I saw all these little tiny baby spiders on the ceiling in the bathroom. It was like an invasion!

Too many to kill with a tissue, newspaper or shoe, so I went and got a can of Raid. I started spraying the ceiling.


Not only did the mist from the Raid fall back down on me, but all those tiny little spiders that were on the ceiling, started to repel down as they lost their grip before they died.

Suddenly, I was covered with a mist of Raid… and now 100 spiders are dropping down from the ceiling on me.

OMG! It was a nightmare. Like some horror movie.

I did kill most of the spiders, but even after taking a shower it still felt like they were crawling on me. And I was so paranoid I kept looking up at the ceiling for days to see if any more were going to drop on me.

Anyway…I hate bugs!

The flies in the summer are especially annoying. I don’t even want to eat outside because of them. And they’re so fast they are hard to kill.

So, guess how happy I was to see that someone had been working on this problem?

You guessed it…VERY HAPPY!

You gotta see this cool bug “A-SALT” Weapon this guy designed.

It’s like a B-B Gun but it shoots out a blast of table salt that gets the bugs every time.

And it’s environmentally friendly because it’s just salt…not some crazy chemical goop.

Of course it’s probably not considered “KID SAFE” ’cause we could still shoot our eye out!

But tell your folks to get one. It looks like fun!

Click on the link below to see the news video they did on it.

It’s by Bill Weir of ABC News.

It’s funny!


Hey…it’s finally Friday!

Have a great weekend.

Robby Out…


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