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Grammy Message...Keep Trying

What a Fun. night at the Grammys!

The group, Fun. took home two Grammy awards this year…

One for Best New Artist

and one for Song of the Year,

“We Are Young”.

But as the lead singer, Nate Ruess joked, they are not young.

Actually, they had been singing for 12 years and this is the first big recognition they’ve gotten.

But boy is it big!

Not only do they get the actual award trophy which is nice…more importantly they got to go on stage and perform in front of millions of people. As the spotlight shines on these guys, you can already see millions of dollars more coming to the pockets of these once struggling musicians.

Let’s face it – being a professional musician is hard. You’re an artist. You depend on people to like what you create, what you do. Many, if not most musicians, struggle their whole lives to just make a buck or two whenever, and wherever they can.

Some, few, make it big. But only if they are totally committed. Most give up.

And that is true in most things, not just music.

It may look like the people who are the smart ones, or the super sport stars, or the great musicians or actors just have natural talent and ability and that’s how they got ahead. But it’s not.

They got ahead and FINALLY succeeded because they were dedicated to being the best at what they did. They tried harder. They practiced longer. They faced failure with an open mind, determined not to stay down but to learn something from the mistakes and come back even better.

They should give out more awards in life. Not just for the big things. But for the small things too. It just makes life more Fun.

More importantly, I think it gives people a goal, something to shoot for.

A lot of people have no goal. So they wander about, aimlessly.

It’s best if you can set goals yourself. But sometimes it’s easier if someone sets them for us. Like getting an A in school. Or winning a sports trophy.

Unfortunately, most of the time there is no award, no award ceremony. The only thing that will drive you on to success, or victory, or recognition is your own determination to BE YOUR BEST. At whatever you do.

If you’re doing what you love (like Fun. did for the last 12 years) and you’re happy, that is the best award of all. Because no trophy. or money will feel like success if you’re NOT doing something that’s Fun.

Go have Fun. Be your best.

Just remember…you most often have to stink, before you’re good. Just keep learning, just keep trying.

You can do it! I know you can!

Robby out…all sleepy from staying up to watch the Grammys!

P.S. Did you see when Fun got soaked by the water coming down? That was awesome!

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