Funny Cartoon – Plumber CRACKS Me Up!

Funny Cartoon of Plumber at

Plumber Cracks Me Up!

This plumber CRACKS me up!

Today, since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m just giving you a picture because I’m really busy trying to get my first book finished this week.

It’s called “Fart Fun – The Silly Adventures of Robby McSmall”

I have all the artwork and text pages ready, I just have to get them assembled in book form.

Microsoft word makes it pretty easy, the hardest part is making sure all the most important stuff ends up on ODD numbered pages, because those are the most looked at pages in a book.

There, you maybe learned something cool all ready!

Anyway…this is just one of the MANY funny cartoons in the book.

I’ll keep you posted this week on the progress.

Save your lunch money and allowance because this is a book you’re going to love and you want to have it before all your friends beat you to it!

It’s Monday…lot’s to do this week. How about you?

Robby “man of  a thousand words cartoons” out!

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