Free Kindle Book today at

Free Kindle Book Today!

Free New Kindle Book Today at:

If you have a younger brother or sister, preschool age, you should check out this book.

You can’t beat the price…it’s FREE!

Each scene shows different shapes and colors to help the tiny tots learn.

I like it too because it has these characters, a mouse and a cat and you never know where they are going to be, so you have to try and find them.

It’s a cool book.

I heard it’s made from just photographs made in Photoshop.

Who knew you could make a Kindle book from just image slides?

I think I’ll do that with my new book, FART FUN that’s coming out soon.

Anyway, like the title says, this book is called “Learn Shapes and Colors with Bears”.

It’s part of a series of books, Learn ABC’s with Bears and Counting on Bears. You should try them all.

Start with the FREE one!

Great for your parents or even your grandparents if they know how to work the Kindle. But hey…you don’t even need a Kindle to get these books. You can view them right on your computer screen.

OK…that’s my deal for today.

I know, not so funny or smart. But FREE!

You just can’t beat FREE STUFF.

Robby out.

Have a great day!


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