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Everyone keeps asking how they can get a copy of these hilarious cartoon artworks, so I decided to make it easy for you.

Just scroll down to find the cartoon you like and press the “add to cart” button. That’s it! Super easy. (Actually you’ll need your parents to order because we use PayPal to collect the money.)

I’ll send you a high-quality print reproduction of the original cartoon drawing onĀ  8-1/2 x 11 sized, heavy-weight white paper stock. The size of the drawing will vary based on the original work, but expect the actual drawing size to be around 5×7 which makes it nice if you want to frame and matt your print for display. Or, just staple it right up on the wall!

Best of all…shipping is FREE!

Choose the one you like best, order, and start your collection today!


The Man at the Vegetable Cart

You'll laugh every time you see this! Imagine how much better your day will be when you start it off with a laugh. This is the original image which started my series, Everyone wants this one. The vegetable cart man and his beans! Get a print to hang on your wall today! Prints come on high quality paper, ready to hang in a 8x10 frame or just staple it to the wall (Ask your parents for permission first...guess how I know that!). Print price is just $4.95 and the postage is FREE!...So order yours today!

Click on the thumbnail image to see it bigger...

Cabbage Farmer Toots

This is the funniest image. The expression on the cow will make you laugh every time! Your friends will all wish they had this image too! Like all the prints, this high-quality reproduction comes on fine paper, ready to stick on the wall or be framed or matted in an 8x10 picture frame (but that's up to you.) Yep, it's only $4.95 like all the others, and as always, shipping is FREE! Get this for your collection today and you'll be the most popular kid in school!

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Have a good laugh before you hit the makes for happy dreams! Go to bed happy, wake up happy. What could be better than a boy and his dog getting a good night's sleep. If only that dog could stop farting! How about your dog? Is he stinky too? Luckily, this print won't smell up your room like your socks! Hang it on the wall to give you and your friends a good laugh. It's a high quality reproduction of the original print and it comes on some great paper, ready to hang on your wall. Fits in an 8x10 frame or just pin it to the wall (with permission of course!). It's just $4.95 like the others and remember...the shipping is FREE!
If you love dogs, or hamsters, or you just like to laugh, you gotta buy this print today...why wait to feel great!

Fun In The Tub

C'mon, what could be funnier than your brother makin' bubbles in the tub! My brother can make armpit farts too. Can you? Me neither. But I laugh every time I see this cartoon and so will you. It's a true collectors item, sure to impress and make your friends laugh out loud. When you buy this you'll get the high-quality reproduction print that you can put in an 8x10 frame, with or without matt (you gotta supply these) or just pin it right up on the wall. It's good clean fun in the tub that will make you laugh every day...and it's just $4.95 and the shipping is...wait for it...FREE!

Get this print for your collection today!


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