Blizzard Survival Tips for Kids at

That Snow Fun!

Blizzard news is all over the TV today.

Weathermen predicting who is going to get what and when and what that will do.

It’s all gloom and doom!

Nobody is talking about the FUN!

Sure, sure, for adults a blizzard is a big hassle. Shoveling snow, driving, not being able to drive, flights canceled, travel plans all messed up, maybe they miss a day of work.

But for kids…a blizzard is nothing but good!

School closes. There is tons of snow to play in. To build forts, and sledding ramps, and tunnels, and igloos, and snowmen.

Check out this photo from a few years back. How fun is that! The snow was taller than my sister!!!

We had a great time!

But there are some things you have to know if you’re going to have proper fun during and after a blizzard.

  • Bundle Up…blizzards only come when it’s cold and windy so you have to bundle up. Snow pants, warm boots, double socks, good gloves or mittens (not the one’s your grandma knit for you. You need waterproof, high-tech thermal insulated ones. At least two pair, because once they get all wet inside, you gotta change them. Hats…don’t forget hats. Maybe a scarf too.
  • You’ll need shovels, and scrapers, and old buckets ,and anything else you can use to move snow. The best part of having fun in a blizzard is putting the snow where you want it, not where nature dropped it.
  • Hot Chocolate…you’re going to need plenty of this. You can only stay outside so long before you have to come in and get warm. Especially if it is really windy. So make sure your parents have plenty of hot chocolate on hand. The kind with the mini marshmallows is best, though I don’t know why they don’t put more marshmallows in…there are never enough. Especially if you like to eat them dry like I do!
  • Cookies…fresh baked if possible. Your mom is probably looking for something to do inside so let her know how much you love her fresh baked cookies and how good they would taste with that hot chocolate. (Playing outside in the snow burns up lots of energy so you’re going to need more sugar to cope with the cold…at least that what I think…but what do I know…I’m just a kid!)

So there you go…everything you need to survive and thrive in a blizzard.

Oh wait…a couple last things. Serious ones.

If you cannot see the street because the snow is blowing so bad…stay far, far away so you don’t accidentally step out and  get hit by a car that can’t see you either. Watch out for cars in driveways and stay away from snow blowers too.

Don’t wander off into strange places when you can’t see…stay in your own yard and always make sure you can still see the house so you know how to get back inside.

If something like your feet, toes, fingers, or ears start to hurt, go inside so you don’t get frostbite and have them fall off.

I shouldn’t have to say this, because your mom will probably nag you enough, but I will because it always happens to me. Be sure you go pee BEFORE you put your snow suit on. Sometimes in our rush to get outside we forget and it’s such a pain to have to take everything off when you have to go just minutes later.

OK, you know what to do now. So get out there and have some fun!

Robby “Still Waiting for My Blizzard to Come” McSmall sayin, “stay frosty my friends!”

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