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What a game,  right?

I couldn’t believe my team, the 49ers, were down so much going into halftime!

Then, I couldn’t believe how many points they put on the board right after the blackout!

I really thought they might win.

But a few missed passes, long balls, sealed their fate.

Ravens win. 49ers lose.

What a strange thing for the Harbaugh family, to have one brother as the winning coach, the other the loser. How do you celebrate that?

Anyway…great game. Very exciting. Glad I got to watch.

On the commercial side, there were winners and losers too.

First, I’ll give you my picks for the worst commercials, in my opinion, and then the best, and with the understanding that I probably did not see all the commercials.

Biggest Loser: Go Daddy…Supermodel Kisses computer geek. Could have been great by eliminating the dude and just having Danica and Bar stand there for 30 seconds lookin’ all prettiful. But up close kissing? YUCK!

Second Worst: Calvin Klein Underwear Dude I don’t know about you, but I was sitting with a bunch of fat old men watching the game, stuffing their faces with junk food and beer,  trying to have a good time. Seeing that fit dude in his underwear is not making anyone feel good, forget about them getting all fired up to go get some underwear like that tomorrow. Stupid.

Funniest Superbowl Ad: Jamaican Volkswagon Guy OK, I’m a sucker for dialects, especially Jamaican Man,  and I taut his accent was hilarious! “Wicked coffee Mr. Jim!”

Second Funniest: Sketchers Man Nabs Cheetah: I loved the element of surprise. It started out so boring it caught my attention. Then BAM! Man tackles cheetah. I about shot Coke from my nose when I saw that!

Speaking of which, I thought both Coke and Pepsi turned in junk. Nice waste of millions!

Special Mention 1: Budweiser’s Clydesdale Horse Commercial: Well done guys. That was really cool to see the horse go from baby to working adult on the team. Reuniting with the man and the suspense that it wasn’t going to happen was great. Like a whole mini movie in just 30 seconds. Nice job beer dudes!

Special Mention 2: So God Made a Farmer: Really different. Great voice on the guy narrating. Farmers must have been really pleased with that, though I don’t know how many there are left.

So that’s it. My take on the game and the commercials.

Winners and losers. That’s what it’s all about.

The important thing is, those guys were playing and we were not.

You can’t let fear of failure keep you from trying stuff. From putting yourself out there.

It’s playing that matters. Giving your all. Trying your best. Doing what you think is right.

You win some. You lose some. So what?

As long as you have more winners than losers you’ll come out ahead.

As long as you give it your all, you know you did all you could.

And you’ll be ahead of most, if you just dare to try.


Robby McSmall saying, “Don’t be no cloud on a sunny day, man!”

Have a great Monday!

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