Best Birthday Treat

Robby McSmall and Gir Love Cupcakes at http://robbymcsmall.comWhat’s the best Birthday Treat?

Without a doubt, it’s cupcakes!

I love the surprise when the teacher announces that someone is celebrating their birthday today. I know that can only mean one thing…sweet treats!

The only question is…what will they be?

Sometimes it’s cookies. Cookies are good. Especially home-baked chocolate chip!

Sometimes it’s brownies…brownies are good. Chocolate of coarse. And NOT frosted. Actually, is there any other kind of brownie besides chocolate? Leave a comment if you know of another kind. When I finish this I’m going to ask my most trusted advisor…Google!

Sometimes it’s CUPCAKES!

I love cupcakes. My own personal piece of heaven!

Cupcakes are better than a big birthday sheet cake because:

  • I get to have my very own, not just a piece of a larger cake
  • They travel well. I can walk through the house eating one.
  • You can eat them with just your hands…this makes all food better
  • Speed…grab one and go! No need to get plates, knives and forks
  • Easy clean up! No dishes to wash after. Just toss the wrapper
  • Portion Control…not too big, not too small. Just right size.
  • Can customize toppings…Sprinkles, Jimmies, Frosting
  • I can impress my friends by stuffing the whole thing in my mouth!

So next time your birthday rolls around, ask your folks to make cupcakes.

Oh, sure, they can make a big cake too for your birthday party, because you can really get crazy with decorations on a big cake. I love those cakes that have like a photo or a picture on them. How do they do that? Do they have like an ink jet printer that shoots out frosting colors instead of ink?

I wonder about stuff like that.

But cupcakes are no mystery. They’re just good!

I know a girl in my class is having a birthday today. I hope she brings in cupcakes!

Robby “Got a Big Sweet Tooth for Cupcakes” McSmall, out for school.

You have a great day too!

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