About Robby


I’m Robby McSmall. I’m 10.

Thanks for looking me up. I made this site just for you!

I’ve seen all sorts of things at home and around the world. Most times, I see lots of funny things wherever I go. Maybe it’s just me? I do love to laugh.

I discovered, whatever you go looking for, you find. So I go looking for funny things everywhere. And I find them.

Once I got a big fat collection of stuff – drawings, doodles and such – my dad said I should share them on the internet so everyone could have fun with them.

So here I am! With all my stuff.

Have fun! Look around. I try to post new stuff all the time. (When I’m not doing homework or out finding new fun stuff to show you.) I’m just getting started so keep coming back as we getter’ filled up.

And be sure to share my stuff with all your friends too, so they can have a laugh! And they can bring their friends too. We’ll all have a great time, and you’ll be the hero for showing them!

Join my special Member’s Club and get all sorts of cool stuff!

If you want me to post something you don’t see yet, just ask and I’ll see what I got.

OK, ‘nuf about me.

We’ve got fun stuff to be doing! So let’s get to it…


P.S. My dad helps me with the website [FYI: He likes to be called, “Bob the Elder”], and there’s another guy Chris Pellicer who helps me get the drawings right. So if you see a problem, don’t blame me… I’m just a kid!


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