4 Easy Steps to Be More Confident

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You Don't GET Confidence, You CHOOSE It

Ever wonder why some people seem more confident than others?

Ever wonder why some people seem more attractive than others?

Me too!

So I made some observations around school and checked with my research assistant, Google.

I don’t know what gets me started on stuff like this, but I kinda like snooping around Google for answers.

Here are some of my observations:

  • The people who seem to be more confident also seem to be more popular and also seem to be better looking.
  • But there are also kids who look great and act shy, so they don’t seem as popular or attractive.
  • The people who seem best at sports and other things outside of schoolwork appear to be confident.
  • I seem to like people who act confident and who approach me and talk to me more than I do the people who are shy.
  • When I act confident (because I’m not really) people seem to like me better and talk to me more.
  • Whenever I feelĀ  I’m going to do well at something, or get something I want, it usually happens.
  • Whenever I feel like I’m going to do bad at something, or not get what I want, that usually happens too.

Here’s what Google seems to say:

People are all born with confidence. And we expect to get what we want. But as we learn new things and fail at some, we start to doubt ourselves. Failure at some task should not lessen our view of ourselves, but should only be used as a learning tool so we can do better next time.

It says people who ACT confident are more attractive to others and tend to get what they want more than shy people. Notice it says ACT confident. It turns out you don’t have to feel confident inside (most everyone doesn’t) but if you ACT confident you will appear confident to others and THAT’s ALL YOU NEED. The appearance of confidence.

Confidence is not something you either have or you don’t, it’s something you CHOOSE! And you can choose it and act it at any time. Now is a good time to start.

Choose to act more confident (and why not? we’re all good at something and we’re all God’s children!) and you will automatically look better to others and more people will want to hang out with you. (as long as you’re not always talking about how great you are…don’t go too far now!) Better you should always tell the other person how great THEY are.

Don’t you just love hanging around people who tell you how great you are?

We all do. So be that person who makes others feel great and you’ll feel great too!

Here’s four easy tips I found to instantly appear more confident: (I tried them and they work! Super easy to do.)

  1. Smile at others
  2. Look people in the eye when you talk to them, not down at the ground or all around.
  3. Use people’s names a lot. Instead of just saying “Hi”, be sure to always use their name, say, “Hi Jimmy!” with a big smile on your face.
  4. Make a game of this: when you look others in the eye, always let them look away first. You will automatically be seen as more confident. Even dogs know and use this.

Robby out.

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